Due to the global pandemic this has caused an increased demand on goods being shipped into Europe. In addition, disruption due to Covid, has seen huge quantities of containers in the wrong place at the wrong time. Compounded by local lockdowns, staff shortages and the surge in demand for consumer durables, this has led to the demand for shipping containers outstripping supply. This means that some finished goods cannot be shipped until containers are secured, causing delays.

Also with the earlier issues in the Suez Canal, exacerbating problems and causing vessels to miss scheduled voyages. As a result, unfortunately we have been notified by our supplier's that all Blazers due into us early June, are now going to be delivered early August. We are obviously hoping that this situation will improve. The School is fully aware of this unfortunate situation, and we have been working closely with them to keep them updated as things develop.

Please bear with us, we will continue to update you via Social media as stock arrives. 

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